Recruitment is a journey. With every journey, there are uncertainties and sometimes the unexpected can happen.

Having the right guide on your side makes the difference. It makes everything easier.

So you have a lot to consider, and lots of questions to ask. I’m here to help. I’m here to reduce risk and uncertainty.

Michael Smith Recruitment delivers the personal touch. This is niche recruitment where relationships matter.

The goal here is to build close, productive relationships that go the distance.

I’ve been recruiting Health Safety Environment and Engineering roles across the UK and Ireland for more than 10 years now. I understand the market, the people, and how to unite the right person with the right organisation.

From technician through to senior management – graduates through to board level appointments – I place professionals in safety jobs, environmental management jobs and engineering.

But nowadays we’re all under pressure to achieve, to get the job done and to get the right results.

As well as being a professional recruiter, I’m a business owner. So whether you’re a free agent, contractor, SME or large organisation, I understand the commercial pressures involved in the recruitment process.

That’s why I go above and beyond to add value and to offer great service.

I’ll do things differently. I’ll listen carefully, be considerate to your needs and I’ll engage positively with you throughout the process.

We can work collaboratively on wider business issues like developing your employer brand. We can deliver digital and social media campaigns designed to reach the best people.

Michael Smith Recruitment is about doing what’s right for your career and your organisation. Everything I do is driven by honesty, fairness, flexibility and respect for everyone involved in the process.

You are the reason why we’re here. You are in control. You manage how your information is used, how you interact with me and I take care of the rest. Simple.

I treat people as individuals, and not transactions. Because relationships matter.

Now let’s get started.